Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Excellent Weekend!

 Phil preparing 'Helen' after arriving on Saturday

We had a great weekend thanks to Phil (Coates) and Martyn (Redfearn) for bringing their lovely locos to play! On Saturday Phil came across from his Hemsby week stay, to try out our circuit with his lovely Stafford saddle tank loco (Station Road Steam). All went well and once he had got acclimatised to our circuit,  he helped out with the Birthday Party we had in the afternoon.General and Thunderbox helped out a bit too!

 'Helen' coming in from the Lake on one of her many circuits.

Then on Sunday, our June Open Day, we had a lovely sunny afternoon with a goodly number of visitors who were hauled around the circuit behind Martyn's lovely Romulus, 'BerryHill' (very appropriately painted in green and yellow I thought !!!!), his  very popular 'Spuggy', complete with canopy sunshade (which yours truly appreciated whilst driving!), 

 'Spuggy' all ready for action.

Thunderbox chugged round all afternoon (well done Ben!), and we got the Shay working in the morning after her oil changes, and so this loco came out to play too!. General did a stint before the batteries gave up, and Ken's 'Sergeant' also had a play. Unfortunately, 'Lucille' was failed during preperation due too faulty safety valves, so Keith didn't have much fun during the afternoon as he was really looking forward to the challenge of keeping her in steam for as long as possible!!!!! Should be a minor 'tweak' to put her right.! 
So a great afternoon with lots of happy people, we enjoyed ourselves. Thank you all for coming.

 'Berryhill' being prepared for a busy afternoon.

We were delighted with the visiting locos which as well as being fun for their owners to run on different tracks, give us additional pulling power to take the pressure off our locos, and we are very grateful for Phil and Martyn's help!  See you again Guys (and Gals!)

A very happy Martyn preparing 'Berryhill'