Friday, 10 May 2013


Well, bless those little Gremlins, we talked that one up eh? Our first Open day for this year was a challenge to say the least! We had lots and lots of visitors, thank you for coming, but our rolling stock was sulking which made things interesting for our PIC and his helpers ! The Shay threw a wobbly when a piston crankcase bolt worked loose and 'jammed up' the works which literally stopped the loco. Unsure what the seriousness of the problem was, our staff disconnected the drive chain so the loco could be got out of the way, fortunately it was in a spot along our new three track section which enabled other trains to run past, so that was a plus ! The problem is not serious and will just need a new bolt fitted and the loco will be OK. General was getting a bit tired later on due to the batteries winding down, and we have since found that a couple of them are low so we are looking at replacing them, or the charger which may not be giving a full charge. Lucille was a little star and Keith managed to keep her going for most of the afternoon, well done that man, only running out of steam once I hear, much to Barry's relief (private joke!). Sergeant was also a star, running for ever, and Thunderbox went well as usual, with our PIC praying that it would, as there wasn't much left running later in the afternoon !!!!!!
On another positive note the signalling staff were delighted with the revised track layout and signalling which made their afternoon a 'doddle !!!!!!
So all in all an interesting afternoon, we hope you didn't have to wait too long for a ride, but you obviously enjoyed the ice creams as there were only two left I hear!!!
Sorry there are no piccys to show as 'yours truly' was AWIL (absent with leave!), but maybe next time?