Thursday, 2 May 2013

Nearly ready !

 All three steam locos in steam together on 10th April 2013

Hello again.......How time flies as our first Open day of 2013 rapidly approaches! We should be just about ready to open the gates at 2pm on Sunday 5th May to welcome the first of this year's Open Day visitors. We have ordered some sunshine !!!!
There has been much going on, some of which we could do without but there we are, those naughty little Gremlins are always lurking to catch us out and sometimes they do !!!! 
Our new third track is now in action with our track and signalling Boys turning in lots of 'overtime 'to ensure all the signals and track detection installations are working. We have had some trial runs over the new circuit and it is a great improvement, very enjoyable to drive round, and much easier for the signalling staff to monitor! They even have 3 CCTV cameras to show them where everything is !!!!!! We will see when it's busy, how they manage! 
Much gardening work has been done to keep the trees and bushes under control and they are now bursting out with the very welcome warmer weather and higher temperatures.
On the loco front, Hotspur is stopped, as at least one tube is leaking following the recent hydraulic and steam tests, so we are now deciding the best solution to get the loco back in action, but you won't be seeing her in action for a while, we think. Nelson is also 'in hospital' having some alterations to his (?) gearing ratios and axles. Lucille should be out and about as will General, The Shay, and Thunderbox. Sargeant may make an appearance and we may have a visiting loco here as well, but you will have to see what that might be on Sunday!!!.
Our new coaches are about complete so may well be out and about to strengthen the sets we have if it's busy.
The ice cream fridge is stocked up so you can indulge yourselves if it's nice and sunny! (or even if it's not!)
On Saturday we have our first Birthday Party of the year so that will give us a good practise for Sunday.... 

Then on Saturday 11th May, we have had a kind invitation to the Halesworth Club's Open day so a few of us are going across there for a fun day out, which will be very welcome.


17th April and Hotspur stripped down ready for ???
Photos: Brian M