Friday, 31 May 2013

Fun Time again !

 The 40 on its way out into the 'Boondocks' with Roy in charge

Well, things are looking up, we had a good Wednesday when Roy and Dennis (and Tony and Liz!) came across from the Nottingham Club, bringing along Roy's fabulous Class 40, Number 1 (not allowed to call it 'you know who'!), and  Willy1-Co. We had a great day with many trundles around the circuit with different drivers all wearing great big smiles! Even Tony had a drive !!!!! The sound of that Class 40 is awesome!!!!! Even the weather picked up during the day and we did glimpse the sun , briefly, later on!

 Number 1 enjoyed some trips with 'line of sight' driving in force 
(Number 1 was stationery at this time! 
allowing Nelson to proceed to shed.) Well done Tony & Liz !!!!

We also had a 'young' Lady and her son from Skegness, who had booked a Driver Experience session with us, (our first Lady) and she did really well with Lucille, and had a great time, ably coached (ha ha!!) by Alan and Keith. So again lots of laughter and smiles, excellent!

Alan explaining some technical point to Kay during the Driver Experience session ????

Some of us popped over to Hemsby yesterday to experience their changes and we were very impressed, what a difference, they have been very busy! We were particularly impressed with their new loco pit and unloading facilities. There were several visiting locos af all shapes and sizes so there was much to see and ride behind and of course lots of 'mardling'!!!! As always, a warm welcome and very enjoyable!. Thanks Guys...

 The new 'Parklands station' landscaped area in front of the signal box at Hemsby


P.S. you will have noticed that 'Nelson' is on his wheels again and should be out and about again now ! All seems OK !!!!