Thursday, 4 April 2013

Well, who'd have thought it?

 The cameras at Chestnut Junction

Now, if you'd have said 10 years ago, when we started to build this railway, that we would have CCTV helping the signaling staff to see some areas of the line that they can't see from the box, (if you follow me !), we would have thought you were having a 'larf'. Well, it's now a reality, and thanks to the enthusiastic efforts of some of our 'Gang', we have two cameras installed feeding back into a signal box monitor that can show 4 views or cycle through each camera view, in glorious technicolour! There are two cameras looking back and forwards along the back straight at Chestnut Junction, and another one is planned looking into Laurel sidings, (to see who's sciving !). 
This is a great step forward for us and will be a big help in allowing the signalling staff, and the PIC (Person In Charge) on Open Days, to see where the trains are, helping them to keep everything moving as freely as possible.
Well, that's the plan anyway, we will see !!!!!

 One camera looks back towards the Green Tunnel, also picking up the Layby siding

 The other looks ahead along the Back Straight towards the new three track section
  and here's the TV monitor in the box showing both camera views.
All photos; Brian M