Thursday, 28 March 2013

More progress !

 'Babs' sitting on her new chassis outside the workshop ready for a trundle down to the storage shed.

We were pleased to be able to unite our new blue coach 'Babs' with her chassis yesterday, following which she has now joined her new friends in the carriage shed,  and the new timber coach body had its first coat of varnish yesterday. We also managed to get the three new signals fixed up on the new gantry over our new three track section yesterday, which are now all ready for wiring up, and it's rumoured that the CCTV camera installations started too!
We had to postpone our steam loco testing again due to the cold, and Nelson is undergoing serious 'recogging' to alter the gearing ratios on the loco to make life easier for the engine and Eaton unit, following some invaluable advice from our friends at Engineers Emporium.
But it's still blooming cold !!!!!!

Have a good Easter everyone !


The view along the new three track section looking towards the station area.
Photos: John Pond