Thursday, 14 March 2013

It's nearly Spring ?????

 The pontoon under water as seen during a brief snow storm on Wednesday 13th March

Just when we thought Spring had arrived with some lovely warm (ish) sunshine last week, we have since been moved to the Antarctic! or so it feels. Blimey !!!, and then it rained and rained and sleeted and snowed all day last Saturday resulting in lots and lots of water about, even the car parking field was flooded, as was the track down by the ballast siding. Nevertheless, work continues and our new 'blue' coach is now blue having had its first gloss coat yesterday. Once this is on its chassis, we can get 'Isabel' up, so her wheels can be preprofiled and one or two, or maybe three, other jobs done before May. The two signal gantry cross rails are in position ready for the 'dollies' to be fitted and wired up. More track has been checked for line and level. General had a trundle round and was happy with the new circuit, in between the snow showers.
Unfortunately we had to cancel our annual loco steam tests yesterday due to the cold weather, and these are now planned for 27th, as long as it's a bit (a lot please!) warmer. 

 Signal Box 'white out' during another brief snow shower

Bye for now !