Thursday, 21 February 2013

We are cracking on !!!

Our 'third track' project is now very well advanced with the final ballasting and levelling in progress, and the new gantry is in place, with work also progressing with the cabling for the revised and additional signalling and track detection circuits. Even the post that will hold the CCTV cameras is in position !

      Looking from station area

                                                                               Looking towards station area

Meanwhile, indoors, new coach 42 (Blue) is in the paint shop and new coach 43 (wood) is now receiving its bodywork, so we are reasonably confident,(ha ha?) that these two new coaches will be in use by our first Open Day in May !!!! (that's scuppered it now!)

              First coat of grey primer on Coach 42 (Blue one)

                                                                            First timber sides on Coach 43 (Wood finish)

So watch this space..............


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Hello Babs !

Work is progressing well with our third 'Blue' coach ( No 42), to be named 'Babs', as can be seen from this view taken in the ALR workshop on Wednesday (6th Feb). The ply sides are being cut, shaped and test fitted, before being taken into the 'paint shop' for, well, painting!!!!!.

'Lucille's new tender is coming along too, and it has had a first coat of gloss paint applied.

and the 'plumbing' installations are coming along nicely too,

 Top....Regulating valve for axle driven boiler 
feed water pump and pipework being fitted.

                                                                                                                                   Bottom....Ditto for hand operated pump (Plan B!)

That's all for now Folks ! TTFN