Thursday, 24 January 2013

Winter WonderLand !

 Photo: Ken Gilham

Thought you would like to see our railway covered in the recent snow, especially if you live in warmer climes! (lucky you!), but they tell us that it will be warming up on Saturday so 'twill soon be all green again!

Photos: John Pond
But, despite the rotten conditions, members have been braving the elements to get to the ALR to do some jobs, so Lucille's tender and chassis modifications are almost complete, some more sleeper 'H' sections have been made for the rail joints, some more signal posts painting done, plus plenty of chat and warm drinks consumed !!!!!!!


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

All connected up again!

Well, our trackmaking/laying/ballasting Gang(s) have been very busy Boys, as our proposed additional third track is now a reality !. Due to some sterling (overtime!!) work by Brackers and Ray The Senior (and others) this past week, the tracks are all now laid and connected. A test train ran over the new sections on Saturday last, and everything was fine. 
So all we need to do now is to get the new Gantry and signals in position and finish off the wiring and we're done !!!!!

 Ray & Barry bring General and the 2 set over the new flat crossing from the Lake section
 and then over the new crossover onto the middle road
 bringing the train back into the Station area over the other new crossover! Marvelous !!!
All Photos: John Pond


Monday, 7 January 2013

Good progress !

Happy New Year everybody !

 'General' pauses in the station whilst testing Lucille's new tender, with Keith driving on Jan 2nd.

 Lots going on , there's just no stopping our Gang once they get their teeth into a project ! (or two!!!). Our 3rd track installation is coming along very well with all the track at the 'country' end laid, and being levelled, ballasted and tamped as required. At the station end, the new crossover entry points are just about ready to be installed !!!

From the top, a view looking towards Cobnut Junction with the realigned track to the Lake section on the left, the new incoming line (and crossover from Den and Lake sections) in the middle, and the line from Lake section on the right. 
Middle: New flat crossing seen from Den section. 
Bottom: One crossover point laid ready for revised entry into station area.

The signal posts are being sanded down and repainted one by one, and the new gantry cross timbers need another gloss coat and then we can think about erecting the gantry once the new station end crossover is in place. 
The 'engineering Team' have sucessfully fabricated the two new coach chassis's (is that the plural of chassis?) and they are now residing down in the Laurel Sidings shed ready for bodywork 'team' to get busy. (in due course!). 

 One new coach chassis ready for bodywork on 2nd January 2013
All photos by YooNoHu!

Lucille's new tender is more or less complete and has been tested, a bit out on the track, by a few drivers, and no tipping was experienced, although we still need to run her across the bridge just to make sure the ground clearances are OK, which we are confident they will be ! So just about ready for painting eh Barry? (Brushes at the ready ?)