Monday, 24 December 2012

Season's Greetings

A snowy ALR in December 2010. Photo: John Pond

All the ALR Gang would like to wish everyone, wherever you are, a Very Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year, we hope it's a good one !


TTFN..... See you in 2013 ?

Sunday, 9 December 2012

We are ahead !

Just a quick update for you as the Festive Season approaches (quickly!)....we are very busy forging ahead with our third track installation which is about a month in front of schedule at the moment !. The track is made, along with two points, and the construction of the new flat crossing is in progress ! We are adapting existing and making the new signal posts and dollies as required (as well as refurbishing the existing ones), and we have the main cross beams for the new gantry painted up, so it's all going very well !

Looking along the re-aligned Back Straight towards Lake Section

 The new curved section approaching Cobnut Junction with new crossover points ready to install

                                                                                                        Looking back along the new curvy bit ! Right hand line to Lake, and on the left, the new line off  Den heading back to platform.
 and here bee the new flat crossing site !

 Brackers & Ray busy with the new flat crossing construction.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the workshop, the new manual point levers are being made up, and Lucille's new tender is taking shape with the seat and additional coal bunker area behind, being installed, and axles are being turned ready for the two new coaches as and when we get round to their construction!
The Christmas decorations are up in the Clubroom to get us in the Christmas Spirit and it's our Christmas meal on Friday evening, phew ! ready for a rest !!!

                                                    Lucille's new tender seat being fitted (That's Ken !)