Friday, 16 November 2012

November jottings

 New track panels being installed ready for third track provision (Brackers & Ray The Elder!)
As November rolls on and the weather is great on some days and not on others, we have to choose between inside jobs or outside jobs ! Wednesday this week was a good calm, mild but not quite sunny day, so some outside work was progressed. Brackers and Ray (the Elder!) laid some new track panels as part of our '3rd track' scheme turning the existing Back Straight onto its new alignment. Richard started to lop a rather too vigorously growing fir tree adjacent to Woodpecker Lodge, to allow unrestricted access along the path to the platform area and to allow the other trees and bushes in this area to develop.
Inside, Ray (the Younger!) was busy working on the new wheels and axles for our two new coaches. We also re-wheeled the 2 car set bogies, which have been 'refurbished' and painted, and then of course we had to test them with three trips round the circuit behind Nelson!. All was well.

 New coach set 2 wheelsets being fitted  (Dave & Ken)

 Wheelwork ongoing ! (Ray's favourite job!!)

We also did some more work on Lucille's longer wheelbase tender, re assembling the chassis so we could cut the longer brake mechanism metalwork needed, to the right length. The new body is expected later this week from our North Walsham 'works', so it shouldn't be too long before the tender is being completed. We intend to fit the axle driven water pump as part of this work and generally tidy the pipework and hoses from the tender to the loco.... Then we can continue with 'Isabel' !!! 
John and Malcolm started to sand down the timber panels we obtained with the coaches from The Little Melton Railway back in 2002, as they had intended to build a third coach to match, but hadn't got round to it, so these panels give us a good start on our third coach ! We are building two new coaches, (did we tell you that ?), a blue 'Pullman' to match the two we have, and a timber one also to match the ones we have, which will give us plenty of scope for varied coach sets, two sets, three sets, four sets or more !!!!!

Coach side sanding underway

All of our trackside signs have been taken in for the Winter and to do any refurbishment necessary, and the signals will follow shortly. Our little settlement of Gnomes have wandered into the (comparative) warmth of Laurel Sidings shed where they are now happily settled for the winter, bless !!!!

 Tree trimming in progress
All piccys by Brian M