Monday, 1 October 2012

We move on, again!

We had a Member's meeting the other Saturday to talk about and agree one or two things, and we usually do ! One of those is quite exciting as we are to going to install a third track along the Home Straight coming back into the station so we will have three 'seperate' routes here, one from the lake, the other from Den section, and the line going out towards the Lake. This will take some of the pressure off the signalmen in allocating routes into the station, and preventing queues, but with crossovers installed so we still have complete flexibility as to where we can route trains, especially if we have a failure or breakdown along here, which does seem to be a popular spot for the 'Ashmanhaugh Gremlins' to strike ! So, materials are being ordered and work will start in earnest after our Firework Night on November 3rd. We are really looking forward to this improvement as with three tracks along here and another signal gantry, this will be quite impressive, especially as three trains could be seen here all at the same time!!!! There are also one or two other plans that we have which we will reveal in due course. (there's talk of installing CCTV cameras!!) 
We are going to be busy over the Winter !!!!!!

Hotspur looking good on our 10th Anniversary Day in May

Photos: Mark Revell

We have been working on Nelson to replace the broken rear axle which involves fitting a shorter one, and whilst we are at it we are doing the same to the front one too. New sight glasses and protectors are being obtained for Hotspur, and work continues on Isabel. We are also contemplating building another tender chassis for Lucille to make it more stable as we have had one or two derailments recently, due we believe to the very short tender wheebase of 15 ".
Once our last Open Day (THIS SUNDAY 7th OCTOBER !!!)  is over with, we start to get into the winter maintenance on the stock and locos, and as the 'list' doesn't get any shorter, there is plenty for us all to do.......


Hope to see you on Sunday !