Thursday, 23 August 2012

This 'n that

Hello there, not a lot to report at this time, work continues with 'Isabel' with the tender footplate more or less complete, and work now progressing to sort out the water pump from the tender and injector feeds so we can fill the boiler when firing up more easily. Ray has checked out and updated the tender chassis and wheels so all is well, and there's the brake rodding to reposition so we can drop the fire easily. Hopefully we will be able to see the loco in action in the nearish (?) future !
Dave is fitting a fan into 'Nelson's bonnet to help cool the Eaton hydrostatic drive, and has placed a time limit of an hour or so of running so as not to get the loco overheated. All our other locos are servicable, which is good as we are welcoming the Little Orchard Boys & Girls on Saturday for a 'fun' afternoon, and they are looking forward to having a drive on our circuit, which could be interesting!. We also have a couple of visiting locos in September which we are looking forward to and which we will report on in due course.

 What have you lost Boys ? Hotspur coming into the station..gingerly? 
Photo: Chris Denson

....and talking of visitors we had a very enjoyable afternoon yesterday when John Berry came along with one of the North Norfolk Model Engineers younger members, Alice with her Dad, Chris. Alice, who is 11, is learning the 'ropes' up at Holt and John asked if we could let her experience a bigger and different railway to the one she is used to at Holt. No problem we said, so John's 'Toby' came along too and as Alice is being trained on electrically powered locos at the moment, she is used to the controller on The Tram. So after riding round the circuit behind General and having the signals and other ALR basics explained to her, she took control of this lovely little loco, and with John as Conductor behind her, she drove round the circuit ! She was a very happy girl and Dad was quite proud of his daughter too ! Think they'll be back!

  Alice and 'Toby' coming along the Home Straight with 'Conductor' John
Photo: John Pond

We took the opportunity of firing up 'Hotspur' to give some of our Gang more driving experience,

 Our two Junior members ready to go with 'Hotspur' and 'Toby'.
Photo: Chris Denson

 Our members take their turn with Hotspur with Keith in charge on this circuit, with Barry, James and yours truly also taking over the controls during the afternoon.....
Photo: Chris Denson

.....and Ken brought 'Sargeant' out for a run round too.

 Photo: Chris Denson

So after a good morning's work gardening and doing track and signal maintenance and stuff, we had a nice afternoon 'playing'. Excellent, and the sun was shining too !


P.S. It looks as though we may have 'Toby' appearing at our next Open Day on Sunday September 2nd !