Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Singing in The Rain !

 'Nelson' comes through the lake cutting with five on ! Photo: Brian M
Our August Open day was fun in the wet ! Did we have some rain ?. Yes we did, twice and very wet stuff it was too, but nevertheless the 'British Spirit' prevailed and we ran trains for those enthusiastic visitors who made the trip to see us (or our trains!). Thank you, it must be the Olympic Spirit that's affected us all, wow, aren't we doing well ?
So Thunderbox, The Shay, Hotspur, General, and Nelson gallantly hauled trains all afternoon, rain or shine and we had a good time. Lucille was stopped due to injector problems but should be easily fixed. 
In the morning , Nelson was given the task of hauling a 5 car set almost full and the loco did OK, tis a good little worker but gets a bit tetchy if we run it for too long (cooling fan to be provided and a heavier grade oil in the Eaton sump, we think.)
The other 'first' was model boats being sailed from the new pontoon on the lake which as the photos show, is a super addition to the ALR's facilities (there is talk of a Club boating section for those members who have or want a model boat!!!!). So we now want to know where the landing strip will be !!!!!!!!)

Our Junior members trying out boats on the lake from the new pontoon. Photo: Brian M