Thursday, 26 July 2012

Summer's here ! Hurray !!!!!!

 Dave & Barry checking 'things' on Hotspur. 
Photo: Brian M

Well, what a difference a day or two can make, it's now hot, hot, hot, and we're trying not to complain !
So another enjoyable Birthday Party last Saturday and another this week, we have been kept very busy with these events this year, which are all fun to do, lots of happy people ! Lucille was out and about and we 'passed out' another steam driver, well done Keith !
Hotspur was steamed up yesterday to ensure all was as it should be after her recent mishap, and 'young' Barry took her out for a lap or two so the loco could be checked over. All happy with the loco so she's back on the roster ! Ray & Brackers were doing some 'overtime' yesterday (Tuesday, usual rates plus 50% bonus for hot weather working Chaps !), sorting out the point and signalling problems, which they are pleased to say are all working well now. Well done Guys. Needless to say Ray was out again yesterday lifting, lining levelling and tamping track along the 'Home' straight, with some help from General and a ballast wagon ! We're starting to latch onto the fact that we have a working railway now and instead of using wheelbarrows to get stuff from here to there, we are using the trains !!!!!!!! Much more fun !
Gardening work continues with the grass mowers out, and weed spraying and bushes being trimmed here and there.
All the work on Nelson is now complete and this loco had a run round for a while to further 'bed in' the engine (our excuse anyway!) We're really pleased with this little loco which should be in use on our next Open Day, it's such a pleasure to drive, so thanks Martyn & Brian for bringing Spuggy last year! 
Think that's all for now, see you soon

Ray at work ballasting the 'Home' straight 
Photo: Brian M


Friday, 20 July 2012

And it's still raining !

 Paul with his Hunslet all ready to go! Photo; John Pond

Hello again, blimey, what a Summer !, When will we see some lovely warm sunshine ? Still, it could be a lot worse, just got back from Northumberland and they have had a lot more wet than us here in Norfolk, so we should be thankful. Let's hope the weather picks up for the children's summer break !

But, needless to say we have been doing what we can in between the showers, and we had a welcome visitor this week as Paul Whitfield of the Brighouse & Halifax Club, came to stay in one of the holiday cottages, bringing with him his smart trailer which contained his lovely Hunslet Badger. (He had asked if this would be OK before he came !) So the loco, along with his two coaches were unloaded on Saturday and trundled up to Triangle Junction enabling the set to be turned to face the right way, following which we had some fun and drove a few circuits ! Excellent!, What a lovely little loco this is, immaculately finished and a very willing performer, we were very impressed ! The loco did some more trips on Wednesday (managed to do some 15 miles in all !!!!) before all was loaded back into Paul's purpose built trailer for the trip back to Bridlington on Friday. 

 Badger stands outside Laurel Sidings Shed ready for some more fun.
 Photo: Brian M

On the 'work' front, we are busy making some new road direction signs for use on Open Days as our existing ones have passed their 'sell by' date.

John finishing off the new road signs in the workshop Photo: John Pond
 Little rodents, ants, and we think, electrical storms have caused some problems with point and signal operations, so Brackers and Ray have been trying to put them right. Final work is being completed on 'Nelson' which includes front and rear lights, cooling fan, and a rear frame (to stop some of us falling off, complete with arm rest!), and the permanent alarm box and wiring is being fitted, Work continues with the footwell changes on Isabel and Hotspur is being tested to ensure all is well before being steamed up again after its little mishap the other week! Oh, and of course there is still much gardening to do !!!!!!!

 Dave tinkering with 'Nelson' on the original small pit outside the workshop
Photo: John Pond

The two entrance gates have been re-stained in our 'corporate' green, so the redecs are now well advanced with the signal box, and associated fencing, and the ticket office, all complete. 

Happy Paul & Hunslet on the circuit.    Photo: Brian M

P.S. Don't forget that we are expecting the local MG car Clubs to attend our next Open Day on Sunday August 5th, so maybe we'll see you then ? Hope so.

Bye for now                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Oops !

Hi there
Many apologies to the superb Echills Wood Railway for getting the main station name wrong in our recent post (11th June), following our visit, should have, of course been 'Harvesters'.  Don't know where 'Forresters' came from ????? Must try harder eh ? All now corrected....thanks Izzy to for pointing it out.


Monday, 2 July 2012

Busy, Busy, Bright and Breezy !!!!

 Moody signals
Well you did us proud yesterday, thank you all for coming, as the weather was great, warm sunshine and breezy, lots of happy people, (the Ice Cream Parlour & Refreshment Saloon were very popular!) so Lucille, General, Nelson, Thunderbox and The Shay were kept busy round the circuit all afternoon. Unfortunately Hotspur was 'stopped', as on Saturday, during a Birthday Party, the reversing lever linkage broke and left her stranded. So, hopefully we'll be able to get the loco back into service soon as long as there is no serious damage. We'll know more on Wednesday when the loco will be thoroughly examined. 

 Signallers concentrating hard !

Happy Ticket Office ladies!  All photos: Mark Revell
Work continues on Isabel who is having a footwell fitted to her tender to make a more comfortable driving position and then hopefully we will be able to give her some runs to get used to her 'ways' !
The two new signals protecting Laurel Sidings are now in use, so entering and laeving this area is now better controlled, as long as crews remember to report in to the signal box when ready to leave or when clear of the main line !!
Oh, and the gardening continues, surprise, surprise!