Thursday, 21 June 2012

Seeing Double ?

 Dudley ready to go ! Photo: John Berry

We had some fun last the other Wednesday afternoon when John & Dudley from the North Norfolk Model Enginers brought, not one, but two Tram locos to the ALR to see if it was possible to run 'em together as a 'double header'! Well it is, and did they go !!!!! After some initial 'tweaking' with the 'pots' (as we understand it, and we don't !), and using the connecting cable that John & Dudley had made up to try to get them to run at the same speed on the Workshop sidings, they did. So out onto the mainline for a trial which was very sucessful and judging from the delighted expressions on several of our faces as we had a go, a lot of fun ! We were amazed at the amount of power that these lovely little locos produced , enabling them to whizz round the circuit at a good rate of knots!

 John heading up the 'hill' towards Birchwood Junction with the two blues 
Photo: John Pond might just be possible to see and ride behind these two, (Toby & Tobia ?) at one of our Open Days, that would be a first and as there were only six of these ever produced, quite an event eh ? 
Watch this space!

 Dudley pasing Chestnut Junction with just one blue!
Photo: John Berry