Friday, 25 May 2012

Summer's Here ?

 A fine view towards the station area shows off the completed fencing in the summer sunshine.

Well, what a lovely day we had on Wednesday, really warm, even hot, all day!!!!! So, it was a bit of a busy day with lots of gardening going on....trackside grass trimming and cutting, strimming, grass field cutting, signal box  uplift of green and cream preserver (part!), handbrake work being finalised on 'Nelson', and Ken came along with his new 'carriage' that he has been making at home, to use behind Sergeant. They had a gentle trundle round the circuit and all was well, excellent.

Ken's coach standing in the platform ready to go !
The Boys working (!) on Nelson
John start to trim the big field.
Things have quietened down a bit now after a very hectic May, and on Saturday we are opening up the railway just for the villagers for a couple of hours, as part of the Ashmanhaugh Village Jubilee celebrations, which will be a gentle, fun morning.

Summer greenery around the East View Farm Holiday Cottages makes a pleasant view.
All photos: Brian M