Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Another Great Weekend on the ALR

We were very honoured on Saturday when some 72 Heywood Society members and Guests visited us during the day as part of their busy weekend in Norfolk. All went well, we are pleased to say, and everybody enjoyed the day. It was great to talk to others, some of whom we had already met on our 'Weekend Aways', who are involved with running railways, and some good contacts were made for future visits!
We tried to run as many different trains as we could with Hotspur, The General, Sergeant, The Shay, and Nelson all helping out during the day.

Hotspur pulls way with a good complement of Society members, with The General pulling in behind !
Photo: Brian M
As you can imagine there was much chat as our visitors came and went, during the day using their cars or the minibus arranged by Peter, that was shuttling between the BVR's Wroxham station and the Barton House Railway. Much tea and coffee was consumed and it was good to see the ladies involved too! We were presented with a super framed certificate as a momento of their visit, that already proudly hangs on the Clubroom wall !, as well as a very generous donation to Club funds which is very much appreciated. 
Many thanks to the Societyfor coming to see our railway, it was a great day!
 Some of the Gang relax with an early lunch outside Woodpecker Lodge before operations start !
Photo: Brian M

Then on Sunday, we had 'lent' the ALR to the Leonard Cheshire Disability Charity in order for their volunteers to raise funds for their local Home at East Carleton just south of Norwich. Their volunteers did the Charity proud as they provided all the refreshments, cakes & buns, with added attractions of Tombola, Bric a Brac & games to 'persuade' the visitors to part with some funds for the Charity! We just ran trains and sold tickets! We were especially pleased to welcome Jeromy Cheshire (son of Leonard Cheshire) who seems to be enjoying the afternoon (2nd from right in photo below) as he enjoyed several trips round the ALR. The Charity were very pleased with the afternoon's results, so everyone was happy and we all had a good day. 

Photo: David Barrett