Thursday, 17 May 2012

The ALR celebrates being 10 years old !

 Proceedings get under way with 3 trains ready to go ! Photo: Brian M
 Some of the Gang enjoying a morning 'mardle' in the sunshine! Photo: Brian M

Saturday 12th May was a special day for the railway as it is now ten years old ! We wanted to have an enjoyable, relaxing day to celebrate the milestone and so decided to have a fun day for members, their families and invited Guests, to enjoy our railway. The weather was excellent and so we did just that! A whole variety of trains were run during the day and some very long circuits were made now that we have the choice of five routes available to us. (thanks Guys! thought we were never going to arrive at the platform again once or twice!),  Lucille was a 'goer' having had a new regulator valve fitted, following the old one's failure right at the end of the last Open Day! Lucille wasn't feeling too well so had a bit of a rest!, (nothing serious but needs a few 'tweaks' following her initial running in), and Thunderbox 'slept in' !, General had a few runs round , the Shay had lots!, Nelson trundled round and is settling down nicely, Sargeant was out and about, and John Berry had brought 'Toby' along to stretch its wheels, and it did, being a very popular loco having several different drivers during the afternoon!. 

 The Gaffer was on hand making sure we all went the right way ! Photo: Brian M
(Come On You Yellows ! Sorry Al !)

Highlight of the day was the official opening of the new bridge, which was dedicated to Ray King's wife, Margaret, who sadly passsed away last year, and who had left a legacy to be used on the railway, knowing how much Ray enjoyed being at the ALR. So it was decided that an appropriate and lasting tribute would be a bridge ! At a brief ceremony during the afternoon, all the trains were sent down to the bridge, in an orderly procession with Ray driving the last one in General. Once everyone was gathered round, Ray was then asked to cut the ribbon and unveil the commemorative plaque fixed to the bridge side. A nice touch and quite a sight with all the trains lined up around the lakeside!

 Train line up for the plaque unveiling. Photo: George Aldridge

Ray about to cut the tape Photo: Brian M

     The plaque which reads 'This bridge was built in Memory of Margaret Joan King and funded by a kind donation by her family. ALR 2011'.

The afternoon was then rounded off with more chat and train running followed in style with a lovely BBQ, gateaux and 'drinks' !

A really enjoyable day with grateful thanks to everyone who came along. We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did !