Thursday, 3 May 2012

Alll hands to the Wheels !

Come on you lot, keep up ! Photo: John Pond

Hi there. Well, as our first Open Day approaches, lots going on to ensure all is ready, well nearly! All we need is some decent, or even dry, weather for the rest of the week, as the car parking area is very wet at the moment.  
We have had some new arrivals on the pond with the appearance of 14 ducklings !!!!!!, and there is a good increase in the lake water level thanks to all this wet stuff we are having !!!!
Work to the new signals protecting Laurel Sidings continues, the new fencing alongside the footpath to the platforms is coming along nicely, and the track is in very good condition thanks to all the attention it has received over the winter!
New fencing run in progress. Photo: Brian M

'Nelson' has had a test run with our goods wagons and a coach set, and just needs a bit more weight down below to give it a bit more traction, but it's a super loco to drive, and it may be trundling round on Sunday with the goods wagons !
'Nelson' with stock on  'bedding' in runs on 2nd May 2012
Photos: Brian M & John Pond 

Spraying of the site is in full swing to eradicate and keep the weeds under control.
Woodpecker Lodge has been cleaned out, and displays updated, ready for the Lodge's new ice cream sales duties. 
We were very pleased that 'Lucille' and 'Isabel' both have new certificates following their tests on Wednesday 25th April. Thanks to Brian Reading and John Dabson for their attendance on a very wet day !!!!!
We are hoping that 'Lucille' will make an appearance at the weekend as part of her 'running in' turns following her overhaul. ''Isabel' will be on display but not in steam as there are some jobs to do on her before she can enter public service. All our other locos are servicable so will be out and about doing their bit!
 Hope to see you on Sunday, weather permitting!