Sunday, 1 April 2012

We're off !!

So we had our first birthday Party on Saturday which went well. It was a freezing cold day and the sun was in a shy mood so you needed to be well wrapped up! All our Birthday Boys and Girls, and their folks had a great time being hauled round the circuit behind 'Hotspur', 'General', and 'Thunderbox', looking out for various 'animals' that had been put out for them to spot. It was great rumbling slowly across the new bridge for the first time with passengers, and I must say it looks really good. You catch a glimpse of it as you travel over the Lakeside flat crossing which is great!
Once the Birthday Party was over, some time was spent by Barry and James on getting to know a bit more about driving a steam loco! A lucky family staying in the Holiday Cottages also were 'treated' to a surprise ride round the circuit, which they were very happy about!
In the background, work was progressing on the installation of the two new signals over at Laurel Sidings with ground sockets going in, the bodywork for 'Nelson' is almost complete, and the controls and switches are now being fitted. So, nearly time to get the paint brushes out!