Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Our New arrival !

Wednesday 18th April was an exciting day for the ALR ! For now we can tell you why the trailer was fitted with track sections recently. A 'syndicate' of three of our members have purchased a steam loco, advertised on the Society website (and helped by a 'tip off' from Rex, "did you know there's a loco for sale nearby?" thanks Rex!!!') So with the deal done, the 'syndicate' with yours truly invited as travelling Journo/reporter, with the trailer hitched on, headed slightly south of the City to collect the new addition !
On arrival, the loco was duly admired, as was John's workshop where a 5" gauge loco is slowly taking shape, and then 'Isabel', for that is her name, was loaded up with the help of a hydraulic lifting trolley, easy peasy ! (which, following another deal, is now the property of the Club!).
A celebratory coffee and biscuits were enjoyed before we headed back to the ALR. The loco, which is a 0-4-0 copper boilered, superheated Romulus, with a well tank and a tender water tank, will provide another very capable and valuable loco to 'beef' up the ALR's loco stud. A steam test is scheduled along with 'Lucille's on Wednesday (25th), and should be just about ready for action for this season's Open Days, all being well, with just one or two jobs to do.

Photos: Brian M