Monday, 20 February 2012

Hello hello what's going on 'ere then?

'Track in trailer' work on Saturday 18th Feb 2012
Photo: Brian M

Amongst all the other jobs being done on the railway, much activity has been taking place on a trailer, of pre 'Pond' heritage!, that has been slumbering away in Laurel Sidings shed. New jockey wheel fitted, wheel bearings and tyres checked, metalwork cleaned and painted, timber treated, ......and.......... two lengths of 7 1/4" gauge track fitted !!!!!
Interesting eh ? watch this space Folks !


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Winter's arrived !

Hi there from a snowy Norfolk. We had our first snow of this winter last Saturday overnight which hopefully won't be with us long, but it has to be said, it does look lovely this morning! (Sunday 5th February)

We are still keeping busy with various tasks, and on the locomotive front we are pleased to announce that the ALR's newest one 'Nelson', is coming along nicely in our workshop. This loco will be our version of 'Spuggy' which came to visit us last year and made such an impression. We really wanted a name with local connections, hence 'Nelson' suggested by a member's wife, which we like! As the photos show the chasssis is now complete and the engine (Loncin) and Eaton hydrostatic drive units are being positioned which is enabling the axles with their various drive cogs to be fitted. The seat unit is also almost ready to be fitted.

Nelson starts to come together. Photos: Brian M

DJ delighted to have found a chuck key! Well, whatever turns you on DJ!!!
Photo: John Pond

'Lucille' is coming back together bit by bit under Rodger's (and other helpers) careful attentions in the workshop, and is looking more like a loco again with its wheels and motions back in place.
The Shay has now had its replacement drive shaft fitted, and ventured out on Wednesday 18th January to trundle down to the new bridge for its clearance checks. We had to trim the decking adjacent to the rails as the drive cogs just fouled the boards which stood slightly proud of the rail tops. These were removed and taken up to the workshop, trimmed and then refitted enabling the Shay to complete the clearance checks satisfactorily. We intend to get the loco over the pit when the weather improves to increase the 'ground' clearance of the brake gear rigging and also turn over the bolts to the 'cow catcher' metalwork at the front and rear so the bolt heads are underneath, increasing the clearance. All our other locos were checked over the bridge the previous Saturday.

The Shay proceeding slowly over the bridge for the first time on Jan 18th with BM driving.
Photo: John Pond

Gardening work continues, yes, even at this time of year, as Richard works around the site trimming and clearing the bushes and trees so they will be in good shape when the growing season starts!

Gardening works are often slowed down by puntures ! Richard & John attend to the latest one.
Photo: John Pond

The track Boys are still working around the circuit, tweaking here, tweaking there, replacing fishplates, rail and sleepers as necessary so we can all enjoy smooth journeys around our track.

Brackers facing East again with his mobile workshop's bits & pieces!!!
Photo: John Pond

The new fencing panel components, having being cut the other week, are now receiving their cream decor before being assembled into panels.

We were invited along to the North Norfolk Model Engineering Society's monthly meeting at High Kelling on Friday night to give a talk about the ALR, so our Chairman and yours truly headed up there and gave a 'PowerPoint' slide show of the railway's history, which, we are delighted to say, went down extremely well! Thank you for the invite Folks, we were made very welcome and enjoyed the experience, which is a another first for the ALR!