Friday, 18 November 2011

A bridge for the ALR

Assembly work in progress on a bridge side in the ALRC workshop
Photo: John Pond

After much deliberation and discussions, we are now delighted to be in a position to go ahead with our long term plan to introduce a bridge on the ALR!! The details have been finalised, we have received approval from the local Planning Authority, the steel work is on site and being assembled, and the track lengths and ballast are lifted at the proposed location!

ALRC members removing track in the bridge location area on Saturday 12th November 2011
Photo: John Pond

The plan is to provide a 10 ' 0" long bridge at the Lakeside back straight where the 'keep your arm & legs' in sign is. The bridge will use the RSJ's that we already have, on which will be constructed a timber deck structure with steel sides ( a Pratt through truss like M & GN's at Potter Heigham). It will be 5' 0" wide to allow a walkway on each side of the track, which will also allow JP's 'sit on' grasscutter to pass over the bridge. The bridge will sit over a slight depression to represent a feeder stream into the lake disappearing into the trees. John has also engaged a Contractor to dig out the existing lake to make it deeper, using the excavated material to regrade the banks and to enable some further planting to be carried out.
We anticipate the work being completed by Spring next year.

As an additional benefit, this may allow another interesting 'activity' for the members to indulge in ! Watch this space !!!!!!!!


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

First Class Guy Fawkes Night

Last Saturday was another very sucessful and enjoyable day and evening for the ALRC. We had organised another evening of fun, fireworks and food for some 45 members, families and friends. The weather behaved and there was soup, followed by hot dogs and jacket potatoes, and then for afters, gateaux and cream, followed by mulled wine!
Thunderbox, General and Sergeant performed during the evening hauling trains, and then an excellent firework display rounded off the evening, marvellous!