Saturday, 8 October 2011

End of Season approaches

The Birthday Party train with Hotspur (and Alan !) in charge. Photo by Dawn

The summer season is at an end and so is this year’s season for ALR Birthday Parties. This year has been the most successful so far for Birthday Parties with one nearly every weekend since just after Easter.We have one more before we close part of the track for some winter maintenance and some (possible) bridge construction work.

Last weekend (17th Sept) saw another very successful ALR Birthday Party for a young lad, Sonny, who was five and we had 24 very excited children and their parents, aunts, uncles and Grand Mum, all enjoying the rides and a Picnic on the open field.

The afternoon was very sunny and warm until just before the end when we had a burst of rain, but because the sun kept shining we had the added pleasure of a double rainbow.The attached photo's are just three of dozens taken by Dawn, one of Sonny's aunts. She gave us permission to use them as long as we gave her a credit, so here goes.


Sonny and Nanny on the rainbow brollie train. Photo by Dawn

Kindly note that we will not be taking firm bookings for next year’s Birthday Parties until January, by which time we should know when we can have the full track open again. Keep looking at the Web Site and watch the progress. By the number of enquiries we have had so far it looks like being another good year, so if you would like a party, as soon as you have Christmas out of your system, give us a call.

Dave B

Sonny's Uncle Steve and Cousin Archie. Photo by Dawn