Saturday, 3 September 2011

Birthday Party with a difference !

Number 131 stands proudly outside the ALR workshops shortly after being unloaded on Saturday
Photo: Brian M

Another good day at the ALR today when we welcomed John & Jo Berry and their family and friends for a Birthday Party with a difference. With this one you bring your own loco !
We had said to John a while back when we knew Jo (John's Other Half) had booked the party, why not bring your Tram loco along again for a run? John had brought the loco to the ALR once before, many years ago (not exactly sure, just checking 2004 or 5 methinks !).
"OK" he says, "that would be good, thanks, she hasn't had a run for a couple of years". So he did.

Needless to say, the little loco was soon at home on our circuit with several members 'having a go'. So we all enjoyed the hot, sunny afternoon, with 'Hotspur', 'Thunderbox', 'General' and 'Number 131 The Tram Engine' (yes he does look a lot like Toby, our little visitors thought!), all taking part.

Superb little loco !
Photo: Brian M

We were very impressed with the loco's hauling capacity as it had no difficulty with our 'DWT' (Driving wagon trailer) and coach 41 and passengers, and at a fair rate of knots too!
So thanks John, we had a lot of fun!.

The Tram is dwarfed by its bigger brothers Hotspur and Thunderbox
Photo: John Berry


P.S. John is very much involved with the North Norfolk Model Engineering Club whose members operate the miniature railway tracks (3 1/2" and 5" gauges) up at Holt on the North Norfolk Railway, definitely worth a visit if you haven't seen it and ridden it, you won't be disappointed!