Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Succesful August Open Day

The busy scene on Sunday afternoon as Hotspur loads while The General passes.
Photo: John Pond

We were delighted with the attendance on Sunday which proved to be one of our best Open Days ever! Although breezy, the weather behaved and we just had one slight 'sprinkling' but apart from that it was fine and mostly sunny. As there were lots of other attractions taking place last weekend we were not expecting to be so busy, so thank you all for coming, we hope you enjoyed your afternooon with us, we hope you enjoyed seeing the 20 or so MG cars (many thanks Guys & Gals, we hope you had a good day too !) that came along, and we hope you enjoyed the friendly atmosphere, we are so lucky to be able to play in such a lovely setting!

The MG's resting with their owners!
Photos: John Pond/Brian M

All our locos except Lucille were out and about during the afternoon with three trains running to try to keep the queues down a bit, and all went well, we are pleased to say. Lucille is stopped at the moment as we try to find out where all her steam goes to so quickly! She has been 'difficult' for a while now, so after taking some advice from a much more enlightened, experienced, professional engineer (and chemist), who works on another of our local railways, our Boys are in the process of stripping the loco down so we can see what is happening (or not!).

Lucille's innards being 'got at' by Ray over the pit last Saturday.
Photo: Brian M