Friday, 29 July 2011

Time flies

Lucille & Thunderbox on Birthday Party duties on 21 st May 2011.
Photo: Brian M

Hello again, yes we are still here and keeping busy, it's that time of year when one or two or three of us have been nipping off on holiday to 'recharge' our batteries and maybe pick up some tips if we can get near a railway!
But back on the ALR front we are doing all those things that need to be done, such as grass & bush trimming, track, point and signal maintenance, laying a blow down slab adjacent to the pit road outside the shed so we don't keep filling (well nearly!) the pit up with hot water, giving the platform seats their annual timber treatment, painting the point levers and plates, thinking about where we are going to build the bridge! oh yes tis on the list, so watch this space! etc etc etc.....

The locos are all servicable at the moment, Lucille has been given good tube clear out with a new brush which we are hoping will improve her steaming as she has been 'difficult to keep going for long recently. There is also a plan to introduce an axle driven, variable rate water pump to help....we are also having the water checked to ensure our 'water treatment' mix is producing the right result. Hotspur's repaint job is more or less complete and needs the ALR transfers placing on the tender, then we can let you see her as she is now!...
...and pssstttt ! there are rumours that we are planning to build our own version of 'Spuggy', the very popular Lister look alike!!!!!!! (many thanks to Martyn & Co who kindly sent us drawings!)

We also tried using the large Gazebo roof (no sides) last weekend during a private Family Picnic event, which was sucessful, easily put up and removed, so we plan to leave the frame up as this provides very useful additional shade (sunny) or shelter (rainy) when we have a Public event.

We are also looking forward to our next Open Day on Sunday August 7th, when as an additional 'attraction', the local MG Owners Clubs (Broadland, Cambridge & Norwich) are visiting for the afternoon and will be displaying their cars around the site. Trains will be running from 2 til 5 pm weather permitting, and we look forward to seing you there?


'Spuggy' passing Cobnut Junction on 30th April 2011.
Photo: Brian M

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A Good Charity Open Day

The Lakeside wild flowers have spread even more this year !

We were delighted that the weather stayed very kind over the weekend so we could welcome our visitors in aid of the local Leonard Cheshire Home Disability Charity. It was a good afternoon with plenty of visitors enjoying the sunshine and the side stalls, Tombola, competitions plus the lovely cakes and refreshments. Thank you all for coming to support this local Charity.

On the operating side all went well with Hotspur, Lucille, General, Thunderbox and The Shay all taking their turn and performing faultlessly! We initiated the use of the calling on signal for trains waiting in the layby siding as well, so only two more signals to 'fire up' and the signalling personnel will then be in full charge! Ha ha!

The Shay waits to be called into the station by the new signal in the Layby siding on 3rd July Open Day 2011

On the work front during the week we installed a soakaway from the water tank to 'distribute' the surplus when its full, made up some 'duckboards' for the loco pit so we can have dry feet when its wet in there, and did some more 'gardening'. The green woodpeckers were about too.....