Monday, 20 June 2011

Getting There!

The 'call on' signal having some final tweaks in the workshop (18th June2011)

We are getting nearer to having the last of our signals installed and as you can see, the 'calling on' signal is just about ready to install at the exit of the 'layby' siding where trains wait to be called into the station when needed. Not sure what all the 'technical bits are that make it work, but as long as it does!!!!!!

The 'business' bits!

Saturday was another busy and enjoyable day. We were delighted to welcome the 'Flying Pigs' members to our railway for their inaugural Annual General Meeting. All went well and we are sure we will hear more from this Group (of which the ALRC is a member) now that they have formalised their activities. The Group caters for 'O' gauge modellers and above.
Hotspur, General and Thunderbox were out and about during the day, dodging the showers, and later, in the afternoon we had some excited children riding round for a Birthday Party, when the Shay also made an appearance.