Wednesday, 29 June 2011

An American Influence !

The impressive Santa Fe F7 A & B units unloaded and ready to roll!

We had a great weekend for on Saturday we had a visit from a super Santa Fe F7 A & B unit locomotive brought along by fellow 71/4" Gauge Society member Ivan Hewlett and his family. Ivan arrived late morning as arranged, and the combo was easily unloaded from Ivan's trailer, and 'fired' up. After a trundle round the Triangle to get the loco facing in the right direction, and a brief chat on how we run the railway, Ivan set off and did one or two circuits with a big smile on his face!
Father & Son trundling back along the Home Straight after turning at the Triangle.

The loco was very impressive and the sound of that horn was excellent, made my day! We picked up the two car set on the way past Laurel Sidings and then I was then given the chance to drive the loco round the circuit which left me with an even bigger smile on my face, a very impressive loco it is, with a very professional control panel. Ivan's son then had a go with Dad in the first carriage and by then the Grandparents had arrived so they had a trip round too!

William takes a driving turn with Dad and happy Grandparents on the cushions!

As we had a Birthday Party in the afternoon we confirmed with Ivan that he was happy to participate, which he was, and so the loco along with Hotspur, General, The Shay, Sergeant and Thunderbox all had their turn in giving our Party visitors rides around the circuit for the whole afternoon. The F7 had to retire unfortunately with a transmission problem, which we hope is easily remedied, but all in all a good time was had by all !!!!! Even the weather behaved!

Another Happy Birthday Party train departs.
All photos : Brian M


P.S. Don't forget that our next Open Day (Sunday 3rd July) is a bit of a special one as it is a Charity Event in aid of the local Leonard Cheshire Disability Home in East Carleton near Norwich. So please come along if you can to give support to this very worthwhile local Charity. We will be running trains from 2 til 5 weather permitting, with teas, cakes, and competitions for all the family! See you there?
......and, we may have another surprise loco taking part !