Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The 'Little' People ?

One of our phone box installations , this one at point 9 approaching the Triangle.

We have a telephone system on the ALR which is very useful. It is a BT 'Inspiration' kindly donated to us in the early days by one of our members. We have since installed handsets in the signal box, workshop, ticket office, Laurel Sidings storage shed and siding, at point 26 in the layby, on the platform, at point 9 (triangle approach on Den section) and at point 12 on the 'home straight'. The system is very useful and allows us to communicate with the various parts of the railway easily, but, we seem to have a 'phantom' caller! Weird or what ? At no particular time, and for no apparent reason, the handset in the Workshop will ring but when answered there is no one there!!!!

So if anyone knows who this might be and what they are trying to tell us ?, you know where we are !!!!!!!!!