Sunday, 22 May 2011

Happy Birthday Party

'Lucille' and 'Thunderbox' preparing to leave Ashmanhaugh (Central ?) with Birthday Party Specials!

Another good week at the ALR with a very Happy Birthday Party on Saturday when the children and their folks had a great time, and did they make some noise? Great, so well behaved too, we were impressed. The weather was excellent too, very warm and sunny! 'Lucille', 'Thunderbox' and 'The Shay' came out to play.

'Thunderbox' heads round the Lake as seen through the wild flowers.

The Engineering (coaches !) Boys also managed to get Doris back on the road having fitted a pair of new homemade, plain and simple bogies that were completed recently in an attempt to keep her on the track. It worked and the coach was given several gentle laps around the circuit with 'General' to ensure all was OK. It was, so someone then said, "shall we put the top on?", "Why not", was the reply. So the lid was brought out from the shed and fitted. Then some more careful circuits to confirm all was OK. It was. The coach rides really well as two guests holidaying in one of the East View Farm Cottages confirmed, they were impressed and thoroughly enjoyed their unexpected trip around the circuit! (As did the young family who were staying in the other Holiday Cottage who had a trip later on round the circuit behind 'The General'!)

'Doris' going back together again!

'General' takes a covered 'Doris' along the Back Straight past 'Chestnut Junction'

We also enjoyed driving round the alternative circuits now that we have a few more signals and points commissioned. Keeps everybody on their toes! We can now come into the station area off the Back straight without coming through the 'layby' siding, and we can now also take a 'right' coming into the triangle section off 'Den' section to take us around the Lake section. So, we're nearly there just two more signals to commission and a bit of tweaking to do to the track circuiting, and then there is talk (and will be much more yet!) about upgrading or rebuilding the signal box control panels.

'Lucille' heading round the Lake with happy party goers!
All photos: Brian M 21st May 2011