Thursday, 24 February 2011

Spring's On The Way

Roamer One !

Ah! we can see lots of signs of Spring out there now, thank goodness, when a Young Man's fancy turns to ........well, you know............all those jobs that need doing ! Our new toilet and locker areas are well on the way to being complete now with the painting almost complete, as the photo shows. We just need to put in the final finishings (the piccys on the walls and the flowers !), but you will need to come and see us to experience the completed job !

Suite Two !
Photos: Brian M

We also now all have our own individual locker for which a Grand Draw took place last Saturday, So we are now moving into the Clubroom to give this a redecoration job which leaves the adjacent workshop to be finally fitted out and painted, then we can get to grips with all the outside jobs that need to be done! Some of those are in progress with the new handbrake levers installed on all three coach sets and further 'tweaking' of the track still continuing...

Oh, and we suppose you are all wondering what on earth 'Roamer One' is ???????. well, it stands for 'Ray's Own 'andy Mobile Engineering Roamer' which contains all Ray's tools and ''things '' that he needs to tweak the track....and One ? well there's bound to be another one (needs flanged wheels to ride aong the rails, Boys!) innit?, so that'll be Roamer Two !