Thursday, 13 January 2011

Happy New Year !

There were some rails here somewhere says John !

Hello everyone, we hope you are all recovered from the festive season ! It seems ages now since Christmas as we proceed into 2011 which we hope is going to be a good year for everyone !

We managed to have our Christmas Dinner at a local Hostelry just before Christmas although several of our members were unable to make it due to the extremely icy conditions ! One intrepid couple set out but ended up in a ditch after not travelling very far so decided to go back home! They were both OK fortunately, just a bit shaken up. The ones who did make it had a good evening we hear !

We had also planned to run some Mince Pie Specials on 27th December for members and friends and again the weather and the Christmas 'family' activities prevented some of us from making it, but those who did brave the conditions were met with some very, picturesque snowy scenes and after some snow clearing (who said 'we' should make a snowplough? !!!! ha ha!) , some running did take place as can be seen from the photos!

Happiness is !
All photos : John Pond

Since then, the New Year has seen us very busy giving the signal posts a repaint, some work being done fitting new, more substantial brake levers to the coaching sets, and the provision of the new toilet and member's locker room area is now well advanced. It is rumoured that paint brushes might be employed this weekend ?

Signal posts being painted in the workshop

and Hotspur enjoying some winter sunshine !
Photos : Brian M

Happy New Year !