Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Some Interesting feedback !

ALR Autumn colours
Photo: John Pond

From time to time our 'technical person' delves into the dark world of Bloggs and websites to come up with some interesting data which we thought you might like to hear!

During the period 24th April to 24th October 2010, the ALR 'Blogg' has been visited 1905 times with visitors spending an average of 2.03 minutes on the site, during which time there were 4738 page views. The average page views per visit was 2.49 minutes.

58.64% of these visitors were new and the visits 'spiked' on May 1st, June 6th, July 4th , August 1st and September 5th, which coincide nicely with our Open Days!

17.43% of the visits were direct, 31.23% were 'referred' and 51.34% came via search engines.

Our most viewed pages were 'About the ALR, 'How to find us', 'Locomotive 'Sergeant,' and 'Locomotive 'The Shay' !

The top 5 visits by country were UK (1777), USA (30), France (11), Australia (10), Germany (6). we were visited by visitors from 40 countries in total, wow!

All of which tells us just how valuable the site is in spreading the word, excellent. Thank you all for looking, and please continue to do so !

Our thanks to Neil for the research.