Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Some Interesting feedback !

ALR Autumn colours
Photo: John Pond

From time to time our 'technical person' delves into the dark world of Bloggs and websites to come up with some interesting data which we thought you might like to hear!

During the period 24th April to 24th October 2010, the ALR 'Blogg' has been visited 1905 times with visitors spending an average of 2.03 minutes on the site, during which time there were 4738 page views. The average page views per visit was 2.49 minutes.

58.64% of these visitors were new and the visits 'spiked' on May 1st, June 6th, July 4th , August 1st and September 5th, which coincide nicely with our Open Days!

17.43% of the visits were direct, 31.23% were 'referred' and 51.34% came via search engines.

Our most viewed pages were 'About the ALR, 'How to find us', 'Locomotive 'Sergeant,' and 'Locomotive 'The Shay' !

The top 5 visits by country were UK (1777), USA (30), France (11), Australia (10), Germany (6). we were visited by visitors from 40 countries in total, wow!

All of which tells us just how valuable the site is in spreading the word, excellent. Thank you all for looking, and please continue to do so !

Our thanks to Neil for the research.


Friday, 8 October 2010

Another busy week

The scene as the locos were being steamed up for their 'test' .

On Wednesday we welcomed Brian (71/4" Gauge Society President & Hemsby stalwart), & Reg (of Hemsby & 'Britannia' fame!) to the ALR to carry out the inspections and tests required on both our locos for their 'steam tickets' to be renewed. All went well, we are pleased to report and an interesting morning was enjoyed, culminating in a trip around the circuit for our 'guests' behind Hotspur. We also managed to rectify the lubricator, on Hotspur that had not been working properly, (or even at all ? for a while) thanks to Andy & Ray, and oil is now being sent to where it is required! We also found that air is getting into the smokebox which would explain the difficulty we have had in maintaining steam pressure on Hotspur for any length of time, so this now should also have solved that problem! So, all in all a good session!

Hotspur comes round past Bamboo Junction (see the sign?) after her steam test.

Hotspur with Brian & Reg enjoying a well earned ride coming past Birchwood Junction.

The boys have now also fixed the track over the new pit and Lucille did the honours by being the first loco to use it, as you will see from the photos. This facility is going to be a really useful asset to the railway as we will now be able to get right under the locos for inspections, maintenance and repairs.

Ray tries out the new pit (and approves!)

We have also started the winter maintenance of our track with some pointwork in the station area being uplifted for some rebuilding work. We are also making a metal paint cupboard in an attempt to start to organise our stores (good on yer Barry!) within the workshop area which can now be cleared out following the move of our locos into the Laurel Sidings running shed. We are also about to fix insulation to the underside of the Running Shed roof to prevent condensation forming during the Winter.

One of our new signs (at Cobnut Junction).
All photos: Brian M


Monday, 4 October 2010

This 'n That

Woodpecker Lodge nearly complete. Photo: Dave Jones

Hi, several things going on recently,
We have now erected our cedarwood Summer House following a very kind offer from some friends of one of our members to have it. We have just been waiting for the 'OK' from the local Planning Authority before putting it up. It will provide a very useful facility (as you can see from the photo), mini clubhouse, display area, storage etc, etc...........it is to be called Woodpecker Lodge !
Just trying it out are we chaps ? Photo: Dave Jones

We have also now erected some junction signs around the track to remind us where we are, very smart we think ?

The new loco pit at Laurel Sidings has the trackwork in position across it so we are nearly there with this job....

The insulation for the running shed roof is now on site so there's another job to do which should stop the condensation dripping all over our nice rolling stock during the Winter!

...and last Saturday we took our Display stand to the Broadland Model Railway Club's annual exhibition at Aylsham where we had a very good day talking to lots of visitors and managing to find time to admire some lovely model railway layouts. Well done Chaps! Good show !


Last 2010 Open Day sucess !

We were delighted with the response from our visitors on Sunday following our decision to go ahead with the afternoon despite an 'orrible weather forecast! We had expected to be sat there looking out at the pouring rain, drinking tea, gloomily, thinking of all the other things we could be doing! But instead we managed to run all afternoon to satisfy a really good turn out of visitors, with some light rain now and then during the session, thank you all for coming. (we had one family who had travelled 200 miles to be with us, thank you so much!).
We had a really good time with Hotspur, Lucille, General, Thunderbox and The Shay all making appearances during the afternoon.
The steam double header 'Grande Finale' was not, as the two steam locos could only manage 75 PSI of steam between them so they didn't both make it! Hotspur got lost somewhere on the circuit leaving Lucille to limp home, but everyone took it in good spirits and it just proves once again how tricky these lovely 'little' engines are to keep going for 3 hours!
So another first for the ALR, we didn't have to cancel one Open Day this year! Well done everyone and many thanks to all our visitors, (some very regular) who make such nice comments about the ALR, we are flattered and very pleased you enjoy your visits so much!
See you next year?