Sunday, 25 July 2010

Super Saturday

An excellent day last Saturday saw our members busily working away on lots of jobs........ but first we had a Birthday Boy who kindly provided Pork Pies and cake, yummy!!!!
Thanks Dave, 37 ?, yeah right, you wish!!!!!!

Dig in Chaps !
All photos: Brian M

The two steam locos got a much deserved steam clean (naturally!)

The platform fence painting was completed

Trackwork in Laurel sidings received attention as the recent hot weather had taken up all the rail gaps which caused one or two gauging problems!

and some final wiring connections to the track circuiting installations were being completed into the signal box.

We even had a play during the afternoon , firing up 'Lucille' so we could 'train up' (sorry!) more drivers....Sargeant came out to play hauling Doris and Mavis for a while, and 'The General' had a few trundles round, testing the track circuiting work that was being done.......
We also used the righthand leg of the triangle to access the Lake section for the first time, it is rumoured !

Ray is fixing a slight leak on Lucille prior to her being fired up.


P.S. Will you be coming to see us this Sunday ? Hope so, trains running from 2 til 5pm.......