Monday, 19 July 2010

A Very Good Week on the ALR

Hotspur approaching the Home Straight signals with a Birthday Party train on 17th July, with the Shay in the background en route to the Lake section.
Photo: Brian M

This week has been a very good week, (well they are all good but some just better than others!).
On Wednesday, we concentrated on doing some gardening and track maintenance work, Dave is tweaking the track circuiting set up as when the sleepers are wet, in some sections the resistance builds up and prevents the panel lights in the signal box from extinguishing! (think that's what he said?) anyway he thinks he may have solved it so more testing to be done on the bench first before he 'amends' the set up. The same problem occurs on the 'big' railways apparently.! We are hoping to give you more detail about how it all works once he has it working OK.

We ran Hotspur, General and The Shay during the Birthday Party in the afternoon, and the weather just about managed to behave with only one short shower catching us out on the circuit with the Birthday Party passengers ! Nevertheless a good time was had by all ! We used the Welsh coal that we are trying, and were pleased with the performance, good steady fire, very little clinker on the grate or residue in the smokebox, excellent! So we could be placing a bigger order !

Lucille heading along Home Straight with a Birthday Party train on 26th June
Photo: Brian M

On Sunday we took the ALR Publicity stand to the Potter Heigham Model Railway, Transport & Craft Exhibition which was held in the old School in the village. The Broadland Model Railway Club were also present, taking along 'Corru' with its first extension board, 'Gated', (don't ask, all will be revealed in due course!) & 'Tobyham', privately owned by Jon Bird, one of the BMRC's members.

Jon Bird's 'Tobyham' at Potter Heigham. Photo: Brian Lowe

We had a busy day, chatting to lots of interesting visitors, and hopefully encouraging those who haven't been to the ALR before, to visit us! It was an interesting exhibition with a good selection of model railways, model boats, NICE's (Norfolk Internal Combustion Engines) fascinating, working displays of some very old machines, arts & crafts, plants, and vintage cars.
We had a very enjoyable but tiring day !