Monday, 5 July 2010

Busy Weekend

Hotspur & Lucille approach Lake flat crossing on Sunday 4th July.
Photo: Brian M

We have had a great weekend on the ALR, and the weather was fantastic! Thank you !!!!
We had another sucessful Saturday Birthday Party session, during which we gave 'Hotspur' a run to test her 'whistle' which had been fitted with a stronger spring' ! It was a bit too strong but our engineering boys had a look (well done Rodger!), gave it some 'tweaks' after which it was fine, but up to that point yours truly had smoke coming at him from everywhere up front! Cough, cough, splutter, splutter! We also managed to get lots of jobs done in readiness for our Sunday Rotary Charity Open Day....
We are trying some 'real' Welsh coal (as advertised in the 71/4" Gauge Society mag,) to see how we get on with it, and first impressions are favourable after trying it out on Sunday as well.

'Thunderbox' loading. Photo: Brian M

'General' loading while 'Lucille' coasts by onto Den section for the 'final approach'
Photo: Brian M

Sunday, of course, was our July Open Day when The Rotary Club of Norwich presented a Special Charity Day. Rotary had organised refreshments, cake stall, raffle, face painting, an ice cream stall and games. The afternoon was a roaring sucess with one of the best turnouts we have seen on the railway due in no small part to the Rotary Marketing 'machine' doing a great job with all the local media. Our thanks must also go to Archant who sent along their reporter Tracey Gray, and photographer Colin Finch a couple of Saturdays ago to run a feature on the railway. That they did, with features in the Eastern Daily Press, The Norwich Evening News and a double page spread in the North Norfolk News! Excellent ! This kind of publicity makes us very proud of what we are achieving on the ALR, so thank you all for coming to see us and making all the hard work worthwhile!
We ran three trains all afternoon with 'General', 'The Shay', 'Hotspur', 'Lucille' and 'Thunderbox' all on duty, running faultlessly throughout the hot afternoon. Well done everyone!

The 'Grande Finale' double headed steam train runs down Lakeside cutting through the wild flower displays
Photo: Brian M