Friday, 28 May 2010

Another enjoyable Evening

Lucille ready to depart , while The Shay awaits its turn on the middle road.
Photo: Brian M

Our friends from the Norfolk Railway Society visited the ALR again last evening (Thursday 27th May) allowing us all to renew old acquaintances whilst enjoying plenty of trips round the railway interspersed with teas, coffees, biscuits and much banter! The weather was superb enabling everyone to appreciate the lovely surroundings in all their Spring 'freshness'.
Lucille, General, The Shay and Sergeant (with Doris), were on duty and all behaved impeccably!

Sergeant and Doris ready for passengers ! Photo: Brian M

Lucille arriving back at the station with a full load. Photo: Brian M

A most enjoyable evening !


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Norwich & District Society of Model Engineers visit

On the evening of Wednesday 12th May we were delighted to be able to welcome a good turnout of members from this local Society (Eaton Park based), who were re visiting as a Group for the first time in 4 years (although we do see their members appearing from time to time on our Open Days!). The weather was kind although chilly, and the evening saw Lucille, The Shay, Titan and The General all making appearances throughout the session.
A good evening was enjoyed by all with much tea and coffee being consumed and much 'chatting' going on, which is what it is all about eh?


Ah So That's What It Is !

Photo: John Pond

Well, now we know what all those strange activities were.....not a new underground conrol centre or anything to do with moles ! Our LandLords are going 'green' with the installation of their very own wind turbine. The photo shows the turbine shortly after being hoisted into position following its fabrication from a 'kit of bits' on the ground.....very impressive. There is apparently, no truth in the rumour that the turbine will be utilised for the charging of the ALR's electric locos' batteries, nor will it be providing the overhead catenary power supply for the tram that may be built ! !!!!!


Monday, 3 May 2010

May 2010 Open Day News

Lucille's driver acknowledges the Guard's 'right away' signal and sets off.
Photo: George Aldridge

Our first Open Day for this year was a fairly quiet start to the season, with a steady 'trickle 'of visitors on this very cold, but fortunately, dry afternoon which had us complaining about the 'lazy' northern breeze that went, not around, but 'straight through' one !!!.

Hotspur ready to go with Lucille working along the back straight.
Photo: George Aldridge

Titan, The Shay, Hotspur , Lucille, The General and Sergeant all ran during the afternoon but The Shay only managed one trip before being stopped with a front truck retaining bolt 'disappearing' on its first trip causing the front wheels to do 'wheelies' occasionally ! Disappointing, but the repair should be straight forward fortunately.... It was Titan's first public run since its upgrading works were completed, just in time for the Open Day, and the loco ran perfectly, being a welcome addition to our loco fleet. It was also pleasing to see 'Sergeant' out on the circuit with Coach 40 for the first time, allowing our visitors a different experience !

Titan looks good in the platform awaiting the first trip.
Photo: Brian M

Our PIC for the day had suffered a damaged tendon recently so he carried out his duties with the help of a 'runner' and an electric buggy, kindly loaned by one of our members. There was a suggestion that it could be 're-gauged' quite easily so he could have zoomed around the track !, but the engineering boys politely declined (for now ?).

The PIC going through his prestart checks!.
Photo: Brian M

The PIC for the day tentatively approaches the foot crossing on his electric steed .
Photo: Brian M

The afternoon was completed with the now obligatory double header, this time with the two steam locos doing the honours with a couple of much appreciated circuits.