Sunday, 7 February 2010

More progress

Nameplates fitted to our newest coach. Photo: Brian M

A good turnout of members at this time of year is always welcome and enables us to make progress on several fronts. We have been lucky again with our weather this week with Wednesday being a lovely sunny day and yesterday (Saturday), we enjoyed a glorious morning, the day then turning misty and damp in the afternoon.

As promised we now are able to show you the nameplates which have been produced for our newest coach which we can now confidently report is to be called 'mavis' ! The photo above shows the plates which are very impressive!

The 'Shay' and 'Thunderbox' have been checked over, started up and given a trundle up and down the shed sidings to ensure they are in good order, which they are. The Shay's rear lamp is just about finished, ready for fitting and painting (or painting and fitting?)

The new control panel for 'The General' is coming along nicely as the photo shows and is now fitted in the loco ready for final connections...

The General's new control panel Photo: Brian M

...and finally, hopefully for the last time this Winter, some more views of the railway in the recent snow and frost

All photos by John Pond 30th January 2020