Tuesday, 8 December 2009

December Update

We are now concentrating on progressing some of those jobs that we didn't have time to do whilst we were making sure that all was in order for our Open Days during the summer, which include....

.Mavis, (there is still some doubt whether she will be Mavis, as several alternatives have been suggested, and one which went down really well was a 'Barbie' version in a tasty pink livery, but this is unlikely !!!!!) this new coach is in the painting stage, so is progressing very well.....

..The hydraulic loco lift is also coming on well with the last few bits to be welded on and then this item will be ready for a paint job (Hi Vis yellow we think so nobody will trip over it ?)

...Work is also progressing well on the track circuiting installation, with the fitting of the insulated fishplates on the 'H' section timbers out on the circuit, as well as the mimic board which has now been tested and is very impressive! So, all being well this sytem should be in use in the New Year, making life a lot easier for our signalling personnel.

....The underground conduits and cabling are now all laid ready to connect up to the remaining signals yet to be installed, which again we are hoping to have commissioned in the Spring (2010 that is!)..

.....We are planning to start work on the revised toilet area in the Spring so that this should be complete by the first 2010 Open Day in May

......and we are having a 'Mince Pie Specials' event for members, families & friends on the Sunday after Christmas which should help to blow away any Christmas cobwebs !!!!!