Monday, 16 November 2009

Website feedback

We did a check recently to see what kind of use you nice railway fans out there made of our site, and were pleasantly surprised ! We found that since January this year we have had 2313 visits from 1578 unique visitors. You looked at 5726 pages with an average of 2.48 page views per visit, with the average time spent on the site being 2 mins 6 secs per visit.... So we have doubled our traffic in the last year with still 2 months to go! Our new versus returning visitors in 2008 was about 60/40 % returning whereas this year it's more 70/30, highlighting that we have a regular audience.
So thank you very much, we hope we can continue to improve and hold your attention ! We do have one or two new 'thingys' up our sleeves!