Monday, 2 November 2009

This 'n that

Hello again.... just a short update regarding on going 'jobs' on the Railway. Some time ago we were given a 'surplus to requirements' hospital bed, you know one of the hydraulic foot operated ones, which we thought we could turn into a lifting platfom for carrying out maintenance and repair works to our rolling stock, safely and at a convenient and comfortable height for our maintainers ! some of whom are no spring chickens anymore !!!!). Well, now that we have a little more time, our engineering 'crew' have had a closer look and are confident that for very little cost (our 'honourable' Treasurer will be very pleased to hear this!!!), we can convert it into the said lifting ramp. This will be another step forward for us and will enable us not only to safely and comfortably carry out works to our stock, but will enable us to load and unload locos onto trailers whenever we want to take a loco elsewhere or receive visiting ones at the ALR. It will be used off the concrete area in front of the workshops with the help of short section of portable 'ramp' track to gain the foot (300mm) or so height of the ramp at its lowest level. Work is underway, photos to follow!

Our latest coach, Number 41, currently under construction, is to be named 'Mavis' we hear........

The Shay is having a new bell fitted which is much louder and more 'masculine' we think, than the existing one, and new suspension brackets are being made. We have the bits to fabricate a rear lamp for the loco which will contain red and white lights, and we are looking at making or obtaining a suitable 'chime' whistle, air operated, which will really annoy one or two ????? but you will know where the loco is ! It was suggested recently by our revered loco boiler inspector that the loco was just crying out to be converted to steam ! Thank you Brian, but we are very happy with our lovely loco the way it is thanks!

.....and, we are hoping for a nice dry evening on Thursday when the Club is holding it's 2009 'Bonfire Night' do, about 40 members and friends are expected so it should be a good evening...