Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Autumn works on the ALR

Engineering Crew reassembling Set 3's final bogie. Photo: Brian M

As we enjoy this lovely 'Indian ' Summer, we are progressing tasks on several fronts, now that our 'operating season' is finished, The Engineering Boys have been busy turning wheels out of EN8 steel blanks for the first of our coach sets to be rewheeled (16 required & turned !). The photo shows the last bogie standing complete shortly before refitting to Set 3 on Wednesday 28th October 2009..

We are also busy constructing another single coach (Number 41), in similar style to our existing ones, that may be attached to any train giving us more flexibility, and helping to reduce passenger waiting time on Open Days. The bogies are more or less complete, and the underframe, made out of Beech, is also just about complete as the photo shows, with Dave & Ray giving it a coat of paint on Wednesday 28th October.

The two bogies awaiting their 'superstructure outside the shed on 28th October 2009. Photos: Brian M

Work is ongoing out on the track, with adjustments being made to the gapping and levels where necessary, and some re sleepering is taking place. Dave is also busy fitting the track circuiting wiring and isolating 'fishplate' material around the circuit as necessary.

It's good to note that the Lake is filling up a bit now that we have had some rain, so it is doing its job, even after this long dry spell during which it didn't quite dry out !