Monday, 7 September 2009

September Open Day

Happiness is------double header on the way! Photo: Jane Pond

We were delighted that last Sunday's weather was very kind giving us a warm sunny afternoon to welcome our visitors and run some trains on our penultimate Open Day for this year. It always pleases us that our visitors are prepared to travel such distances to enjoy our railway and this Sunday was no exception with people arriving from such places as Eastbourne, and Hereford. Blimey!!

Top table crew (can't read, obviously!). Photo: Anon !

Bottom Table Crew relaxing . Photos: Brian M

We used Lucille, Hotspur, The Shay and General, with the Sergeant making an appearance on a goods train, and all performed impeccably, (helped of course by their drivers!.) As a 'grand finale' we like to run a double headed 'special' and this Open Day was no exception. We ran a full train of our three coach sets around the circuit, twice (much to the delight of one of our regular young attendees whose previous best number of rides was 18, exceeded on this occasion by 1! ) So he was happy, as were his long suffering Mum and Grandma! We aim to please !!!!!

Sergeant enters the station area Photo: Brian M

We were nicely busy but not too hectic, so we were able to circulate and chat to our visitors, when not 'operating', which we do enjoy doing.

Hotspur passing the Signal Box to enter the Den section. Photo: Brian M

General comes through the station. Photo: Brian M

Hotspur sets off on another circuit. Photo: Brian M

By all accounts it was quite an 'Anglia TV' get together too, as there were several people there who did work there or are related to staff who did!. Now there's an idea for a reunion event Folks!!!!!!!!
Lucille arrives back at the station. Photo: Brian M

Double header prepares to leave. Photo: Brian M

The two steamers restart after a signal stop (which tested 'em), but they succeeded! Photo: Brian M

Coming over the lake flat crossing. Photo: Jane Pond

Thanks for coming to see us, we had a great afternoon! TTFN

P.S. Sorry there are no photos of the Shay, which worked hard as well during the afternoon , but as I was driving the loco , couldn't take any action photos! Did anyone get some ?

Thanks, Brian M