Thursday, 24 September 2009

'Doris' (Coach 40) problems cured !

The Shay and train ready to depart Ashmanhaugh Station. Photo: John Pond

Circumnavigating The Puddle! Photo: John Pond

We were very pleased yesterday when, after spending the morning fitting a point motor to one of the shed access points, we had a bit of a 'play' after lunch. The Shay was fired up and trundled round to Laurel Sidings to collect a coach set and Coach 40 (affectionately called 'Doris). The boys had carried out further mods to the bogies after consulting with our 'Eaton Park' friends, (who use the same ones on their coaches), and this seemed to have cured the problem. So we thought we would do a few circuits in a train to see how she performed. It would also give two more of our members experience at driving The Shay. We were delighted that the coach ran perfectly and didn't fall off once, the ride was comfortable and it seems that after a few more circuits, the coach should be ready to enter service! Well done Chaps! Now where's that Tram ?

Ditto (Barry riding Shotgun!) Photo: John Pond