Saturday, 5 September 2009

ALR Summer (just!) BBQ

Mr B with Lucille, all ready to go! Photo: Brian M

Last Wednesday evening was the night when some 22 ALRC members, families & friends enjoyed a tasty BBQ (thanks to Ray, Geoff , Jill & Alan ), and enjoyed some chat and took some train rides. Lucille, The Shay, General, Thunderbox (complete with Xmas tree lights!) and Sergeant trundled around our track into the darkness until rain stopped play just after 8pm.

Cooking In Progress. Photo: Brian M

It's always fun to drive around in the dark (some of us can do that all the time!) when the railway is a different place, with the signal lamps gleaming in the darkness to allow us through or not. One of our Junior members was practising being a 'signalling ' person and did a very creditable job, which is not easy, especially when there are 5 trains on the circuit! and one or two of our members had a go at driving to gain more experience.

Lucille overlit (!) by Thunderbox. Photo: George Aldridge

At one stage we were 'attacked' by an Apache, yes it's real cowboy country on the ALR when you're out in the 'boondocks' ! This one was of the RAF type (we think), heading in the general direction of Norwich Airport, which as some of you will know isn't to far away from us.

Our 'Apache', rapidly disappearing! Photo: George Aldridge

So, all in all, another good night on our super railway, just enjoying and relaxing !!!!
Can't be bad eh ?