Tuesday, 25 August 2009

'Tis Nearly Autumn

As we approach the end of our 2009 Open Day season with just two more to enjoy, 6th September & 4th October, we are looking ahead & planning the jobs we need to do, apart from the normal day to day and end of season maintenance tasks on the railway, taken care of as part of our normal ongoing duties.

We have decided that we will build another, seperate, coach to match the existing timber sets that we obtained from The Little Melton Railway, which will help out a bit on Open Days and give us flexibility in running varied train sets. Eventually we intend to convert the existing 2 coach set into a 3 coach set as & when funds & resources permit.
We are also looking at providing a loco lift facility to make maintenance access easier for our personnel who are not getting any younger! We are lucky in that we have obtained a 'hydraulic' hospital bed kindly donated by our local St John Ambulance friends, and we think that this can be 'adapted' for this purpose. If the 'loco lift' is mobile then this could also be used as and when locos come to us, or go to other railways in the future (another activity that we would love to do!). In this respect we are looking at providing a pivoted section of track alongside the signal box so this can be used to load/unload stock onto road transport. We also have a trolley and ramp that came with the Shay that could be used.

We are also conscious that our toilet facilities are a bit 'meagre' on Open Days and currently are looking into providing more W.C.'s to help out for next year.

Our Junior members are currently building a small 'N' gauge model railway that will be push button operated for our Open Day visitors to amuse themselves with!

The Club's Social activities are always very enjoyable and we have planned a Club BBQ in September, a Bonfire Night 'do', our traditional Christmas Dinner at a local Hostelry, a trip the the Cromer 'End of The Pier' Christmas Show, and looking ahead, our ALR Weekend Away will see us heading 'up North' to North Yorkshire where our erstwhile Social Secretary will have some good excursions for us to enjoy, no doubt !

Can't wait!