Saturday, 1 August 2009

Hello !

Well here we are again, we haven't forgotten you!, it's just that we have been 'distracted' by holidays and family things ....but rest assured, we have been quietly beavering away on a variety of tasks to keep everything in order and to improve our railway.
Following our visit to the Great Cockrow Railway on our way back from Devon in May, we took the decision to install a 'failsafe' system of track detection, (which we had been thinking about for a while) and our S & T boys have been sitting at some of our electrical cabinets fixing 'things' with soldering irons !, and a mimic diagram is being made to hang in the signal box above the window overlooking the platforms so, eventually, our signalling personnel will KNOW where the trains are instead of having to guess which one will emerge from the 'boondocks' first .
We have also been doing some works on our Shay loco, including moving the 'oil tender top' back to give us a more comfortable driving position, with the controls moved back slightly too and a new fuel tank has been fitted with a sight glass so we know when to refuel! We now just need to source a proper American chime steam whistle that the Shays had, but operated by air, so if you have any ideas on this one, please let us know.
We have also, of course, been gardening, isn't stuff growing quickly, and there's a lot of it! it's like painting the Forth Bridge!!!!!
We have also installed some concrete bases for some more signals which are to be installed to control trains entering and leaving the Lake section.
and, talking of the Lake (which at the moment is more like a big puddle!), we spotted some newts and fish in there the other week. The fish were a bit small to identify but we thought maybe tench or catfish? surely not? we'll see.......
We recently bought a wheel press to make the job of fitting/unfitting wheels onto our rolling stock axles much easier, and our engineering boys are still turning out wheels from steel blanks to replace the wheelsets on our coaches, and tomorrow...... we have our August Open Day, so we have our fingers crossed for good weather, and maybe we'll see you then?